Welcome to GamblingReviews.com! Our story begins on November 24th, 2000. That’s actually a few months before I started working with iGaming affiliate marketing. I purchased gamblingreviews.com from the original owner a few years after they started it. I had a pretty big site up on GamblingReviews (GR) many years ago but it got attached by black hat spam and it lost all of its traffic. Back then they didn’t have the tools available that we now do to defend off attacks.

I am bringing GamblingReviews back now because Google has some awesome webmaster tools now making it possible to clean up all of those attacks. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do. The first thing is disavow toxic links that competitors pointed to our website. They are many years old but they’re still out there. I’ll be back shortly.

I’ve taken the first step in adding GamblingReviews to the webmaster console, however I had to wait an hour for the TXT record to show up. Once it did I verified ownership of gamblingreviews.com with Google’s webmaster search console.

Finding the Best Online Casinos in 2019

This is where we will be covering the best casinos for real cash gambling online in 2019. GamblingReviews.com started in 2000 and we’re getting ready to celebrate out 20th anniversary in just 1 month. Gambling Reviews has the experience necessary to become a leading authority on gambling website reviews of internet casinos, online poker sites and online sports book websites.

Best Online Gambling Sites

This is where you will find honest and trustworthy gambling websites to gamble on. We’re working with iGaming’s leading providers of trusted online casino reviews in 2019. Find safe internet casinos for playing slot machines, video slots, video poker, texas holdem, virtual sports betting, blackjack, baccarat and of course online poker.


The GamblingReviews.com blackjack guide is going to be one to be reckoned with. Here you can learn the basics and advantage player strategies for playing 21. I’m a bit of a blalckjack guru or at least I like to think I am. I’ll teach you what I’ve learned and I hope that I can help you to avoid my mistakes. I’ve made so many I and along with them came valuable lessons about life, purpose, morality and ethics. Blackjack is a lifetime passion of mine. One that I think I may soon give up. That saddens me some but all things eventually end and fade into the unknown. I’m giving up blackjack because I know its time to stop gambling. I’ve got a life and important work to do.

There are many people I can help in many different ways if I am open to it and willing to help. I am. This is a rambling tangent now but don’t worry, I have a lot to share on blackjack and we’ll get to it soon enough.


A gambling site would be complete without some free online slots to play and we’re going to deliver them to you in 777’s. GamblingReviews.com provides you with reviews of online slot machines you can trust the payouts of. Finding fair slots developed by reputable software companies is the key ingredient in a legit time gambling online.